Safety as a policy

Landworks has a comprehensive staff and safety policy which our company references, as well as any local regulations. Part of our bidding process requires an analysis of the local laws and our clients policies to ensure transferable job site rules are easy to understand and implement. Our policy is updated yearly and enforced daily, and our electronic training programs and 3 strike policy ensure compliance.

Safety as a culture

It is important to Landworks management that safety is not only first priority, but that our employees enjoy the practical applications that can be used. The construction industry has made it clear that safety will be taken seriously at all times, and anyone that doesn't simply won't fit in.

safety as a goal

Our firm is always striving to achieve new levels of safety compliance and accident free work zone records. Our firm has a near perfect WSIB claim record and we are Avetta (formerly PICS) compliant. We are always striving to achieve even higher levels of safety perfection.