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Career Listings:

Equipment Operator

We are looking for construction equipment operators, with 3-5 years experience in civil/landscape construction, utilities, or excavating. The qualified candidate will have had formal training on construction equipment, and also have acquired skills in efficient operation of equipment. They also must have:

  1. Must have experience on excavators, skidsteers, loaders, and bulldozers. Other equipment considered an asset, but not necessary.
  2. Must be able to pre-check machines, and grease and shovel tracks.
  3. Willingness to be flexible and learn new methods.
  4. A knowledge of basic mechanics and diagnostics (searching for leaks, malfunctioning grease fittings, loose parts, general dysfunction).
  5. Our operators will also be willing to work on the ground; we desire that our operators are "project minded," and that their interest is in the general success of all crew members.

We look forward to your application.

Construction worker, A or D license

We are looking for construction workers with 3-5 years experience in general building/ contracting, excavating, grading, pipe installation/ drainage, and concrete form installation and rebar. This candidate however, will also posses an Air Brake License with accompanying A or D weight classing. Also:

  1.  The candidate will be able to provide abstract for insurance purposes.
  2. The candidate will demonstrate a complete understanding of Schedule 1 pre-trip inspection, and fully understand their responsibilities.
  3. Have a basic mechanical understanding; they will be able to notify management of major mechanical issues upon notice. Must have experience torquing wheels, checking air pressure, and ensuring functionality.
  4. Must also have construction experience in several of the prerequisites listed in the description, and if possible, be able to demonstrate proof initially by references. Some on site equipment trials may be required as well.
  5. Team attitude, willingness to learn, and being able to adapt to different job atmospheres is an asset.

We look forward to your application.

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Construction worker

We are looking for construction workers who have 2 + years of prior experience, with an emphasis in landscape construction being considered a major asset. The candidate will have worked on projects where their duties regularly involved grading, excavating, utility locating (using locates), concrete forming and pouring and pipe installation. Landscape experience that is considered an asset would be, paving stone installation, natural stone work, screeding and base prep, softscape installation, and experience using quick cut saws, tampers, etc. Candidates with experience in residential/commercial irrigation are highly desired as-well. Also:

  1. The candidate will posses a full drivers license, and be able to provide an abstract for insurance purposes.
  2. The candidate will be able to prove their competence in construction methods, either by references or pictures, or combination.
  3. They will be able to work as a team, and work full 10-12 hour days, and some weekends.
  4.  Positive attitude, physical fitness, and a desire to move into a supervisor role are highly desirable.
  5.  Willingness to work out of town considered an asset.

We look forward to your application.